Lex54 Concerts takes an innovative approach to the traditional concert setting. With a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary arts collaborations, we draw inspiration from and explore the spatial possibilities of music, visual art, writing, and dance in one of the most unique concert venues in New York City: Saint Peter's Church. It is our goal at Lex54 concerts to commission and perform new works, re-imagine the presentation of the beloved classics, and showcase both established and up-and-coming artists.

Superstar composer/performer ensemble Invisible Anatomy makes its debut with Body Parts, a groundbreaking program of seven world premieres composed by the members of the group that dismembers, manipulates, and reanimates the performing body.

Teeth is a psychodrama based on Edgar Allen Poe’s story “Berenice” that embodies the trance-state resulting from the narrator’s fixation on his wife’s teeth through musical monomania. Brain propels undulations of sound mass about the concert stage at continually-changing speeds. Hair relates physical and musical presentations of style, embellishing and transforming its musical subject. Skin is a set of songs-within-
songs undressing public and private lives in 21st Century America. Eyes utilizes its performers as functional, yet intensely expressive, receptors of information. Hands engages in musical pickpocketry and sleight of hand. Bones represents two contradictory states of bone - as structural pillar and universal dust.


Invisible Anatomy (invisibleanatomy.com) champions music as a physical experience. We are a composer / performer ensemble that harnesses elements from concert music, rock, jazz, and theater to create visceral performances that are both deeply personal and powerfully collective. After a century of increasing disconnection in concert music between those that write music and those that play it, we are reclaiming performance as a vital means of expression for composers. We write collaboratively to our own instrumental idiosyncrasies and perform entirely from memory, collapsing boundaries between musicians and challenging audiences to experience music the way we experience it – from the inside.