From Thomas Adès' The Lover in Winter, for countertenor and piano, flows a program of ardent songs, exquisite song cycles, and wintry expressions of love and yearning. Brahms viola songs, Schumann romances, and Arvo Pärt mix with Lukas Foss' Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, for soprano, flute, percussion, and piano, and George Crumb's Night of the Four Moons, for alto, percussion, flute, banjo, and electric cello.


ARVO PÄRT - “Es Sang vor langen Jahren,” (1984)
GUILLAUME DUFAY - “Flos Florum” (ca. 1430)
THOMAS ADÈS - The Lover in Winter (1989)
JOHANNES BRAHMS - Two Songs, Op. 91 for alto, viola, and piano (1884)
GUILLAUME DE MACHAUT - Rondeau: “Ce qui soustient moy” (ca. 1300s)
LUKAS FOSS - Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (1978)
ROBERT SCHUMANN - Three Romances, Op. 94 (1849)
GEORGE CRUMB - Night of the Four Moons (1969)
The musicians
Jacob Ashworth, violin
Colin Brookes, viola
Hannah Collins, electric cello
Lee Dionne, Daniel Schlosberg, piano
Doug Perry, percussion
Arash Noori, banjo
Jesse Han, flute
Jessica Petrus, soprano
Sara Couden, alto
Daniel Moody, countertenot

Presented by Lex54 Concerts.

Suggested donation: $25 / $10 for students and seniors