Past Events
Living Room Gallery
April 6, 2017 –
June 27, 2017
Juliet Martin mixes tradition with experimentation in funny and ironic handwoven sculptural memoirs. She promotes intimacy with the audience by speaking with satire and humor about personal experiences. Her raw truths confronts the viewer: “Must I remember their faces?” In her work, she applies the Japanese philosophy of SAORI. With its Zen mindset, SAORI encourages freeform work—no patterns, no rules, no mistakes. Every sculpture is an improvisation in awkward beauty: clumpy fabric, fighting colors, rough and smooth textures, ragged edges. By approaching weaving as both craft and fine art, she shows that questioning the intention can bring you solutions that are unique to the medium.

Artist Statement

“Don’t look at me that way.” Headless, hand-woven female bodies own the room, challenge you to look away. These ladies glare back at objectifying eyes. These ladies won’t be objects. These ladies own the gallery with pride, not shame; strength, not fear. Gender power is symmetric here.

Out-of-place eyes and domineering arrows direct the gaze to improper places without wasting any
time. There certainly isn’t a head on her shoulders. Is her brain elsewhere? The body is forced to become the identity.

The walls are lined with body-costumes, female figures draped on coat hangers. Fallopian pillows will be scattered around the room. Sewn-on eyes will look back at viewers, daring them to protest.

“When you look down there, I’ll look right back.” Don’t stare. I’ll make it easy for you.

Planning your visit

Saint Peter's Church is located at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 54th Street in midtown Manhattan.

Gallery hours: daily 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M.r
The Church building sometimes closes early.
Call 212 935 2200 for exact closing times.

Saint Peter’s Church is accessible to all people at the building entrances on Lexington Avenue and on 54th Street.

The E, M (weekdays only), 4, 5 and 6 trains stop nearby. As do the M57, M31, M50, M101 and M103 buses.