Past Events
York Theatre
September 19, 2017 –
December 31, 2017
In 1890, in a lawless territory out west, Johnny Blood, a hot-tempered young cowboy, finds himself sentenced to hang for killing a man in a bar fight. His sister, a novice nun in a nearby mission, is persuaded to plead with a corrupt governor to spare her brother's life. The governor promises to pardon Johnny if his sister, the Sister, will 'do his bidding' for the night. Adding to the hilarious complications are a hard-bitten sheriff, a voluptuous saloon girl and a priest who reads Nietzsche.

The York Theatre Company, in association with Cecilia Lin and Hu Guo, opens its 2017-18 Season with Desperate Measures, a knee-slappin' new musical loosely based on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. It's naughty, it's country, and it's a New York premiere with music by award-winning composer David Friedman, book and lyrics by two-time Tony nominee Peter Kellogg, and direction and choreography by Bill Castellino (Cagney, Marry Harry). Yee-haw, verily!

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