Past Events
Art Installation
January 31, 2019 –
March 21, 2019
My work explores the passage of time and the illusive quality of memory, as experienced through a variety of materials. Relics of the past – discarded objects, many of which will become obsolete in the future.

These objects vary: bones, a child’s carriage wheels, wooden alphabet blocks, and quilt fragments are used in a series to create a visual theme.

White is used repeatedly in numerous pieces. In my pallet, white is not the absense of color. It is a color.

I was raised in New England where white is pervasive. White clapboard houses, white steepled churches, whitewashed fences and snow covered hills.

The transparency and the fragility of memory are evoked with whitewashed glazes and vintage tissue paper dress patterns, symbols of broken lines and arrows reconfigured in a language of lines, recalling the pentimento of ancient frescos.