a street-level space open to the public

Installations in the Lobby Gallery are presented in cooperation with Saint Peter’s Church. The Gallery is located in the main entry point to the Church’s public spaces and offices, including its Living Room (home to the Senior Center) and the Theatre at Saint Peter's.

Generally, work of large and medium-large scale is shown in the Narthex Gallery. Special lighting is available on the long wall that leads from the 54th Street doors to the grand staircase. It is possible to hang pieces on other walls, including the large wall above the grand staircase. This is often done to dramatic effect.

Exhibitions typically explore themes of life and meaning in its broadest sense. As with any art show, those presented in the Lobby Gallery provoke discussion regarding art’s place in culture, in spiritual thought and in daily life.

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To exhibit

Persons interested in exhibiting should download application guidelines. Specific proposals are welcome. Applications will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Art and Architecture Review Committee following the receipt of a complete submission.

Note that in this spirit of fairness, Committee members, members of Saint Peter’s Church and directors of Midtown Arts Common are precluded from exhibiting.

Download application guidelines