Heritage Room


The Heritage Room at Saint Peter's Church is the only room within Saint Peter’s Church to intentionally mimic the design of the building that previously stood at 619 Lexington Avenue. The space contains relics of past eras in the life of Saint Peter’s Church and New York City.

Typical use

Well-suited for small-scale events, the Plaza Room is available to groups or individuals for workshops, meetings or conversations.

This Heritage Room presently houses the church’s library, collected from various donation from a number of fine theological libraries.

Special features

Tables, chairs and some other common furniture items are available for use. The furnishings of the “old” Saint Peter’s Church are still in this room.

Tables, chairs, lectern and some other common furniture items are available for use.

Fully accessible and family-friendly restrooms are located nearby.

To use

A space use request form is available for download. Use a typewriter tool to complete the form and follow printed directions. Space use requests are reviewed every other week by a small committee that determines the feasibility of the request.

Download space use request form