The Sanctuary at Saint Peter's Church is regarded for its flexibility and elegant simplicity. The space boasts 80-foot skylighted ceilings, granite floors and red oak furniture. Large, street-to-ceiling windows of clear glass allow both for passers by to peer into the Sanctuary and for a tremendous amount of natural light to fill it during daytime hours. In the evening, the windows frame impressive views of midtown Manhattan.

The Sanctuary is a completely flexible environment. Church staff periodically re-arrange the Sanctuary on large scale according to liturgical needs. While furnishings are moveable, users are asked to respect the dignity of the Sanctuary’s furnishings and arrangement.

Typical use

Group or individual use of the Sanctuary can be arranged for private rehearsals, and for public performances, memorials, weddings and other functions. Likewise, meetings and workshops for the good of the community or a not-for-profit organization can be accommodated.

Features of note

A magnificent 32-stop Klais organ and a Baldwin concert grand piano are housed in the Sanctuary. A bass amp, a guitar amp and a set of Pearl drums are available for use.

Technicians are available to operate a state-of-the-art sound enhancement system, video recording system, lighting grid and video/image projection. Presentation tables and other items can be incorporated with ease into one of the Sanctuary’s several approved arrangements.

The Sanctuary connects to the public plaza and the Living Room, an ideal place for receptions.

To use

A space use request form is available for download. Use a typewriter tool to complete the form and follow printed directions. Space use requests are reviewed every other week by a small committee that determines the feasibility of the request.

Download space use request form