The Studio at Saint Peter's Church is a small, acoustically treated room with bright lighting and studio-style flooring. Its primary intention is to be an open, hospitable place for musicians and artists. Others are welcome to make use of this space.

The Studio is located on Lower Level 2 of Saint Peter’s Church, and easily accessed by elevator or stairwell.

Typical use

Ensemble rehearsal is ideal in this space. Its flexibility also lends itself well to use for small-scale meetings and presentations.

Special features

A bass amp, a guitar amp and a set of Pearl drums are available for use.

Tables, chairs, lectern and some other common furniture items are available for use.

Fully accessible and family-friendly restrooms are located nearby.

To use

A space use request form is available for download. Use a typewriter tool to complete the form and follow printed directions. Space use requests are reviewed every other week by a small committee that determines the feasibility of the request.

Download space use request form