Warming Pantry


The Warming Pantry at Saint Peter's Church is located in at the rear of the Living Room. Though thoughtfully concealed from the view of persons in outlying areas, the Warming Pantry is readily accessible. It includes an integrated serving area that can either function in buffet style or can be closed off entirely to provide a private space for preparation.

Typical use

Food assembly prior to serving is the ideal use of this space. Receptions that take place in the Living Room are easily prepared and staged in the Warming Pantry.

The Warming Pantry can be reserved for individual or group use. All persons making use of this space, even with exclusive reservation, are asked to be mindful of what other users have prepared or will prepare.

Features of note

The Warming Pantry is equipped with under-the-counter refrigerators, freestanding freezers, warming stovetops and ovens, a dishwasher, two coffee makers, hand and dish sinks and plenty of counter space. Basic kitchen preparatory equipment is available.

The use of coffee urns and some other items can be arranged. Persons planning receptions or events are advised to make arrangements for their own serving ware and ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.

Fully accessible and family-friendly restrooms are located nearby.

To use

A space use request form is available for download. Use a typewriter tool to complete the form and follow printed directions. Space use requests are reviewed every other week by a small committee that determines the feasibility of the request.

Download space use request form